Our production staff take great care in checking all customer supplied files for errors and/or quality issues. We do our very best to let customers know of any problems that may occur due to artwork issues, however we cannot be held responsible for artwork not correctly prepared for commercial printing. Please ensure the correct settings are used when creating and exporting your artwork using the specifications below.

Artwork should be supplied in Press Ready (PR) PDF format for printing. Print Ready artwork has the following conditions:

  • In Adobe PDF format
  • Supplied with 3mm bleed on all sides
  • In CMYK colour space (no RGB)
  • Transparency effects have been flattened
  • Crop marks applied
  • Small format artwork 300dpi, large format artwork minimum of 150dpi – including embedded images
  • Design elements kept within 3mm margin of edge (safe space)
  • Minimum recommended line thickness 0.5pt
  • Fonts are embedded or converted to curves
  • Minimum recommended font size 7pt

Bleed Explanation
We request your artwork to have a minimum of 3mm bleed on each edge.

Bleed refers to the printing that goes beyond the trim edge, which allows for mechanical variations when trimming the final product. Bleed is required on any background that runs to the edge of your artwork.

If bleed is not supplied, the finished product may have a hairline white edge where an image or background colour ends. If your design software does not allow for bleed, make your page size 6mm larger in each dimension and use guides or similar to ensure your text and other artwork is far enough in from the edges in order not to be trimmed. IE: if your artwork is A4 (210x297mm) the page size 216x303mm and keep text 6mm away from each edge (3mm bleed and 3mm safe space)

Resolution Explanation
The recommended resolution for print is a minimum of 300dpi. Anything less is low resolution and will likely not print with the expected quality you were after.

The resolution displayed on the internal / screens is typically 72dpi. If you save images from Google or other online sources they may not be suitable for print as the resolution is likely much lower than the 300dpi recommended. Usually Google images are copyright unless specifically stated, so should not be used for any promotional purposes anyway. At Print Ezy we have access to several stock image libraries and we are happy to search for and provide high resolution images for you.

In some instances, particularly if we have had to alter your provided artwork in some way in order to correct any pre-press issues, we will provide a press proof back to you for acceptance before starting the print. Please check these proofs over carefully as they are the last chance to make any changes or question anything that you don’t think looks correct. These proofs will usually be provided at low resolution because of bandwidth/email file size restrictions, but if we think there are any resolution quality issues we will point these out to you.

If your artwork is provided as a correct Press Ready file we will usually proceed to print without proofing. If you require a proof, please let us know when booking the job.

In most cases a hard copy proof can be produced before running the full job – however the stock/paper and printing method may vary from the finished product depending on what the job entails. Please let us know when booking the job is a hard copy proof is required and we will let you know if it is possible.


A5 Flyer or Notepad
A4 Flyer or Notepad
DL Flyer or With Compliment Slips
Business Cards – Loyalty Cards
DL Envelopes
A4 roll folded to DL Flyer
A1 Posters
Vinyl Banners

Selfie Frame
Pullup Banner
Novelty Cheque
A4 Presentation Folder
Floor Stickers
Bumper Stickers
A Frame Corflutes
General Sticker Guidelines
Teardrop Banner (Medium)


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4 Page Half Fold

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