Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed Mail is Australia Post’s letterbox drop option. It is a lower cost but effective way to communicate with potential customers and build awareness for your business.

Here at Print Ezy we can work with you to design and print a brochure or flyer for your campaign. Then, through our relationship with Australia Post we can explain the variety of delivery services available ensure you reach the best results for your business.

Some options are:

  • deliver to businesses addresses
  • deliver to private addresses
  • deliver to Post Office Boxes
  • any combination of the above

You can select the delivery area ranging from full suburbs or postcodes, or right down to specific postal rounds.

Once you’ve decided on the details we take care of the rest.

Targeted Unaddressed Mail

Utilising Australia Post’s Campaign Targeter, Print Ezy can target locations that rate highly in a specific demographic or Helix Personas captured from surveys and census information.

Alternatively, we can target an entire suburb, postcode, or we can select based on a radius from a pinned location – i.e. 10 km from your place of business.

Acquisition Mail

Using the same targeting process, Print Ezy can also extract Semi-Addressed Mail or Acquisition Mail data from Australia Post. We can then print the physical address on your promotional piece and have your it delivered through the normal mail stream at a reduced postage rate.

By using Print Ezy you can:

  • Save time – we can book, create, print, prepare and lodge your UMS for you.
  • Save money – by helping you to target the right customers for your business.

To get started on an Unaddressed Mail drop for your business contact Print Ezy today.

Did you know?

  • Only Australia Post can deliver to 100% of letterboxes Australia wide
  • Research by Australia Post shows more than 90% of Australians read their mail – 60% read thoroughly and 54% store it for later reference.

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