Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a letter, brochure, postcard, newsletter etc that is personally addressed to an individual or company. The addresses can be from your database, a purchased list from somewhere such as Impact Lists, or address list (address but no name) from Acquisition Mail by Australia Post.

It is recommended Direct mail-outs should contain some kind of offer, or call to action. This will pull customers to your website or in-store and give you feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Along with being individually addressed, a Direct Mail piece can be highly personalised depending on the amount of information you have about your clients. Images, offers, food preferences, age, sex, demographics and lots more can all be utilised to target your offer. Variable imagery is another premium service we offer, such as your clients name in clouds or on a street sign.

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At Print Ezy, we have the experience and technology to ensure your next Direct Mail campaign is a successful one. We have a vast knowledge of the postal system and the latest database processing software. This ensures that we maximise your direct mail discounts available from Australia Post allowing your marketing dollars to stretch further.

Direct Mail Capabilities

  • Envelopes – Our high speed envelope printers can print full colour, full bleed onto a variety of envelope sizes and shapes. All can contain variable data / individually addressed and it’s all done in one print.
  • Inserting – Our inserting machines can fold and insert up to six printed items into a range of envelope sizes from DL up to C4. Our combined inserting speeds can reach up to 15,000 items an hour.
  • Hand insertion – for the jobs that are too complex for machinery or use a non-standard envelope size, there is the option of hand inserting no matter the quantity.
  • Plastic wrapping – gives your printed newsletter or magazine great exposure as an alternative to envelopes.
  • Data Sorting – Our software will barcode and sort your addresses for direct mail to access the maximum discounts available through Australia Post.
  • Australia Post Lodgement – with daily collections your direct mail can be lodged as efficiently as possible.

If you want to find out more about direct mail options, contact us today.

“Research shows that personalising your direct marketing works, with campaign response rates achieved up to 15 times higher than traditional unaddressed / letterbox drop mass mailing methods.”
Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner

At Print Ezy we are proud to be recognised as an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner.

We have invested in developing processes and procedures that are monitored by Australia Post to ensure compliance is met. These processes and procedures include data handling, job workflow, cross checking for correctness, Australia Post compliance and more. This ensures your campaign is handled correctly and we will maximize the appropriate postal discounts that are available on your behalf.

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