Letterbox Drop

Letterbox Distribution

A Letterbox Drop is the most economical way to get your marketing piece physically into your potential customer’s hands. A well thought-out brochure or flyer with eye catching design and a tempting offer can be the perfect kick start to a successful campaign. Think Aldi’s weekly catalogue.

Some advantages of a letterbox drop:

  • Letterbox distribution has the potential to communicate your message to nearly every person in your target area, because everyone has a letterbox and usually will check it regularly!
  • Printed materials have more longevity due to their physical nature. Digital marketing has its place, but is crowded and easy to ignore / dismiss and delete, which regularly mean your valuable ad can disappear just as quickly as it arrives. Letterbox drops can enable your message to be seen for longer by customers.
  • Letterbox drops allow businesses to be more targeted than other methods like email. Particularly useful if your promotion is local or in a specific location as your can drop to the exact location.
  • Printed flyers and promotional collateral offers you a way to be creative with design, shape and offerings to leave a lasting impression. Something innovative delivered to a letterbox can really make an impact.
  • There is a reason major supermarkets and retail outlets continue to use letterbox distribution as an integral part of their marketing – it just works! Being able to flick through the latest catalogues and checking for specials and offers is appealing and effective.

Letterbox distribution still has a place in modern marketing, it should not be regarded as junk mail. If used correctly it can be highly effective with a low cost, and therefore a great return on investment.

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